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About Project

Bottle Bits Trading is a Unique Stock Exchange for Investible Bottles. Users will have easy access to invest in “shares” of authentic and investment grade whisky bottles within a fully-digital ecosystem with enhanced experiences that will transform their investments into a passion. Physical bottles will be safely kept in our specialized warehouse and insured, providing a hustle-free Trading Software Development digital-only process to our customers.

Client Name
Bottle Bits

Our Challenge

To design a web application that works as a trading platform where users can invest in “shares” of authentic and investment-grade whisky bottles. The challenge was to ideate a fully-digital ecosystem that could transform the user’s passion into profitable investments.

How we made it happen

We built a submersive web experience integrated with quick access to information, an easy-to-use interface, and a design that conveyed exclusivity. A few taps on the phone, and customers could buy and sell a fraction of investment-grade whiskey bottles, starting at 100 pounds.

Web App

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