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Providing scalable, reliable, and highly responsive user experiences with ReactJS makes WTA an abode for innovative minds. We understand your business needs and work them out together. Since the best brains are deployed at your service, you never have to worry about quality application development at our ReactJS Development Company.

    Entrust a React JS development company that leverages the tech fully

    WTA is a team built on expertise and experience. We develop applications that set the trend in your business industry.
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    Expert Analysis and Consultation

    As your business idea develops, our developers provide market analysis and feasibility reports to guide you every step of the way.

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    Agile Methodology

    We use agile development methodologies throughout the development process to keep you in control.

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    Business Acumen

    As a company with extensive experience in the industry, we have been able to help clients boost revenues and brand recognition.

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    Fast and Secure Development

    With our skilled developers, we will provide the speed and security your applications need!

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    Innovative Team

    The key to our success lies in our innovative team of 250+ experts who develop creative, robust solutions to your problems.

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    Creative SPA ideas

    WTA implements creative ways to use React JS development for your single-page applications.

    Our Featured Projects

    Since 2015, we’ve delivered a wide range of projects for companies of all sizes: from one-man startups to enterprises like PNG, PWC, GMR, we continue to leave our digital footprint built on the basis of trust, transparency, and quality.

    ReactJS is the answer to reliable and flexible frontend

    JSX- Simplify development

    With React's syntax extension, you can customize your components. It helps faster development by showing relevant errors and warnings within the Javascript.

    Faster Virtual DOM

    React also offers a virtual DOM, which compares with the traditional DOM and updates only the changed parts, making development faster.

    One-Way Data Binding

    Data transfer from a parent to a child component makes the application modular and fast.

    Treasure of extensions

    With multiple extensions, React even supports mobile application development and server-side rendering. Extensions include Redux, Flux, and React Native to create rich UIs.

    ReactJS SEO ally

    Get top of Google results by using server-side rendering instead of Javascript and letting users view your page without running ReactJS.

    Code Reusability

    With ReactJS' component-based nature, JSX's HTML and Javascript combination makes code easier to understand, reusable, and debug.


    WTA employs the best team for your project, who will consult and advise you throughout the process. WTA, as a whole, always guards your application.
    Due to reusable components, free, ready-to-use components, and a single codebase that can work on multiple devices, React is a good choice for economic development.
    WTA does not own any or all parts of the application. If you wish to host your site on a platform, we’re always available to assist without sharing ownership of the application.
    Since WTA is a team of ethical professionals, our payment policies will reflect that; we will never declare costs out of the blue or reveal hidden charges later. Whatever the app, our pricing remains transparent.
    We have worked with giants such as Audi, AXA, and Dailyhunt and are more than eager and happy to work with anyone seeking exceptional development!
    Post-development, your site or app can always be managed by our developers. We are always eager to help our clients and build a professional relationships beyond business.
    Choosing us means joining a journey of quality development. Responsive and mobile-friendly sites will be created according to your evolving needs. Each step of the development process will be demonstrated for you to see.

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