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Data Analytics Dashboard for Cleaning and Janitorial Management Platform


About Project

Swept is an innovative app specifically designed to cater to the needs of commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and facility maintenance. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing these operations, streamlining workflows, and ensuring efficient service delivery. By leveraging Swept, businesses in these industries can enhance productivity, improve communication, and maintain clean and well-maintained facilities.Swept manages scheduling, handling of payroll and productivity of its employees on one platform.

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Our Challenge

WTA had to design a dashboard that met the specific needs of commercial cleaning and facility maintenance businesses while maintaining a clean and intuitive design.

How we made it happen

To tackle these challenges, we took a systematic approach, conducting thorough research in collaboration with Swept's stakeholders to understand industry needs. Armed with this insight, we prioritized usability and functionality in our dashboard design. Through iterative design and user feedback, we crafted a tailored solution that streamlined operations, boosted productivity, and provided an intuitive, visually appealing platform.


Tools Used to Design

Google Docs
Google Sheets

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