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Medvarsity Online is Asia`s largest healthcare EdTech company, with over 4 lakh medical professionals trained and certified. Our partnerships with renowned medical professionals enable us to present the best courses to our students and help them meet their learning goals. With more than 150 courses in clinical & management areas for doctors, nurses, and general management personnel, we bring to you updated content carefully curated to meet your educational needs. We cover specialties such as Diabetes, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Nutrition, Wellness, Healthcare Informatics, and Mental Health.

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Our Challenge

WTA was challenged with building a light LMS platform for sudents in healthcare profession. We had to make academic information easily accessible, with courses across 20 medical specialties, cataloging and navigating through these vast info banks.

How we made it happen

We designed and developed an ubiquitous learning model that enable active and passive learning strategies. Our CMS was powerful enough to handle and organize the extensive information database while the interface we designed kept it interesting and easy to use for a large number of users at once.

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