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"Experience the game-changing impact of generative AI solutions and machine learning, reimagining what's possible and leaving the competition behind to solve your business challenges with data-driven solutions tailored to your organization's needs."

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Increase sales

49% of customers are willing to purchase more frequently when machine learning is present.

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Analyze large volumes of data

ML gives apps the ability to learn and improve over time. It is extremely adept at processing large volumes of data quickly and identifying patterns and trends.

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Anomaly detection

Monitor transactional data for suspicious patterns of behavior in real-time, and take steps to prevent fraud before it occurs.

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Demand prediction

Increase the accuracy of your forecasting and plan ahead to meet demand, and adjust pricing to optimize sales.

Simplified Machine Learning in Data-Driven Industries

“In various sectors, data science is going mainstream, while in specific domains, big data analysis and artificial intelligence applications are transforming entire industries. Discover these forward-thinking sectors where data science excels, and leverage our data science experts’ tailored machine learning solutions for optimal project success.”

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Data Engineering

Prepare your data to make the most of AI algorithms.

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Data science in fintech

Financial institutions employ abundant data in the finance sector for streamlined operations, heightened customer satisfaction, and fortified cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence aids in areas like fraud detection, credit risk, regulatory compliance, and money laundering, providing real-time insights to minimize risks and enhance customer experience.

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Audio Recognition

Identify patterns in audio data, enabling voice communication using a range of devices.

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Data Science

Uncover meaningful insights to improve your product or service.

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Data science in healthcare

The healthcare industry is characterized by inefficiency and high costs. Data science is changing that by analyzing patient files, health plans, insurance records, and other structured and unstructured information to make lifesaving diagnoses, provide treatment options, and recommend preventative care.

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Recommendation Systems

Create a personalized experience for every user thanks to an accurate recommendation system.

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We apply our ample CRM consulting experience to help companies in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries to benefit from Salesforce use.


We Deliver Great User Experiences by Following Best Practices and Methodologies

At WTA, we have spent years honing our processes and incorporating industry best practices to provide the highest quality standards. While your user's needs and behaviours may change over time, we have the proven tools and battle-tested methodologies to consistently deliver exceptional products and services, ensuring a superior product experience every time.

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Development and Handover

Our Featured Projects

Since 2015, we’ve delivered a wide range of projects for companies of all sizes: from one-man startups to enterprises like PNG, PWC, GMR, we continue to leave our digital footprint built on the basis of trust, transparency, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take patent and trademark disputes seriously. Our NDA contains clauses to cover the complete privacy and confidentiality of your business idea.
We take patent and trademark disputes seriously. Our NDA contains clauses to cover the complete privacy and confidentiality of your business idea.
We take patent and trademark disputes seriously. Our NDA contains clauses to cover the complete privacy and confidentiality of your business idea.
We’re a leading mobile app development company with experience and expertise in publishing apps on Apple and Google’s platforms. When we initiate the project, we sign a contract outlining the process of publishing your app.
We only deploy tested and market-proven technologies tailored to your client’s needs. Some of the technologies we use for mobile app development are Android Jetpack, Android Studio, Swift, Kotlin, and more.

Yes, besides offering a wide range of mobile app development services, we offer you different models, for hiring our company. These models are time and material, staff augmentation, and fixed cost. You have the choice to work with whichever model suits your needs best.

Time & Material
This model is most appropriate for Agile projects and can be structured using an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate depending on the amount of work, tasks, resources, or materials that have been applied in the development process.

Staff Augmentation
We offers a dedicated, project-based team of experts who work as an extension to your in-house team. They’ll be able to share their knowledge and expertise with you, which can help you increase your capabilities as a business.

Fixed Cost
We specialize in small-scale projects with well-defined requirements. We follow a milestone-based roadmap proven to lower the risk of all your operations and optimize deliverables. This ensures prompt finishes with transparency and quality standards that are always upheld.

It depends on what your business needs. For businesses that require long-term development, a smooth user experience along with excellent performance, we recommend Native apps. Cross-platform is also good when you want mobile apps for iOS and Android and you want to reach a vast target audience. As the top mobile app development company in the USA, we ensure your needs are met, and your success is what you hoped for.
Yes. Once we sign the contract, we deliver the complete documentation for the iOS app software or mobile solution that we create for your business. Being known as a top app development company in Hyderabad, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our clients. At the end of the project, you’ll have the code to your app or mobile solution and ownership of it.
All our mobile app development services are accessible regardless of your physical location.
Closely guarding your intellectual property is one of our major priorities. We sign a non-disclosure agreement and include clauses that ensure your business idea’s complete privacy and confidentiality with every project we undertake.

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